2009 Las Vegas KillerCon

Welcome to Vegas, Baby!

Are You Recession-Proof?

         So you’ve managed to keep ahead of the economic downturn. Just got your tax return and are looking for one last indulgence before tightening your belt? According to the Early to Rise economic newsletter, there are still millions of millionaires in the United States. Are you one? Huh. Can I borrow ten bucks?

Let’s face it: you’ve always wanted to visit Las Vegas, and you’re a horror writer/editor/fan/enthusiast. You can't get enough of a good thriller, or are addicted to that creepy chill that races up your spine while reading a good horror story. You lurve L.A. Banks and Heather Graham and really dig paranormal romance. Killercon is the PERFECT escape for you and your family. From September 17th to 20th, celebrate your weirdness with friends and family, and join us in Vegas. Mingle with Guests of Honor Joe Lansdale, Brian Keene, L.A. Banks, Heather Graham, and Edward Lee while you’re at it.

Ticket prices are only $125 through June 17th, and this includes panels and lectures and contests and readings and parties and book signings and author Q&As and all kinds of surprises. Palace Station Hotel and Casino features seven restaurants, a Starbucks, and four bars that are open 24 hours a day. There’s also a 24-hour casino attached to the hotel, so if you haven’t been as recession-proof as you’d hoped, there’s always a chance to recoup your losses. I know that’s OUR game plan (not really).

Feel free to email Monica or Wrath at killercon2009@aol.com if you have any questions.








The First Annual Las Vegas KillerCon will take place
at the Palace Station Hotel/Casino from September 17 through September 20, 2009.

Room rates start at just $79/night.

Details and links have been updated! Check the Location/Directions page for information.

Our Guests of Honor are:

Heather Graham  

L.A. Banks

Edward Lee

Joe R. Lansdale

Brian Keene




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Our Illustrious
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