2009 Las Vegas KillerCon


Erotic Horror
Flash Fiction Contest


Before heading off to the late night parties or sneaking off to hit the slot-machines, blackjack tables, and strip clubs (oh, we know you better than you know yourselves), how about a little erotica to prime the pump?


Announcing the first annual Erotic Horror Flash Fiction Contest! What could be more apropos in the City of Sin?  

Each contestant will have 3 minutes to arouse and terrify.  This is not a Gross-out contest! We want romance and sensuality and genuine chills and terrors.  Stories will be judged by our celebrity judges on style, originality, scariness, sexiness, and delivery. Winners will receive valuable prizes including the first prize of a fifty dollar gift certificate to Victoria's Secret! 

The contest will take place Saturday Night and will be immediately followed by a cocktail party in the hospitality suite.

Creative Fiction Contest


So you think you can be creative? In fact, you’re so creative, you don’t even need a topic. No characters, no plot, nothing.


Here’s the deal: this is one of several contests we’ll be running during KillerCon, and this one will highlight your creative talents in a whole new way. Registrants will sign up, bring a sheet of paper and a pen, and will be told on the spot what the topic will be. Of course it will be horror-related, but that’s all the advance warning you get!


Writers will be given a time limit (probably around fifteen minutes) to create a piece of fiction (albeit short fiction) on the given topic, and these stories will then be read aloud before a panel of judges.


Valuable Prizes will be given (to be announced)! Judges will be announced at the convention.


Any questions, shoot us an email at killercon2009@aol.com. Just don’t ask us what the topic will be!